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Patrick Birk

Patrick Birk

Managing Consultant @ Be STF Management Consulting AG, Schweiz

Who are you?

I am a Managing Consultant at Be Switzerland. Since 2018, I have been working for Be Switzerland (formerly Soranus AG) as a sub-project manager, stream leader or business analyst/business engineer for our Swiss clients.During this time, I was not only able to gain experience at a wide variety of financial service providers, but also to consolidate my already known individual strengths.My business studies, as well as my years of experience in the financial sector help me to fulfill the different wishes and requirements of our customers to their full satisfaction.

What do you like best about your job?

Time has shown that the Business Analyst/Business Engineer role suits me best. I like to acquire knowledge about different business processes, learn from different corporate cultures and thus tailor my requirements management and problem solving to our customers. Thereby it plays into my hands to have the necessary analytical skills as well as the required communication skills. These are also my strengths, which help me and Be Switzerland to move forward.

How would you describe the culture at Be Schweiz?

Even though Be Schweiz is part of a large group, the spirit of a locally based consulting boutique definitely plays a big role here. Decision-making channels are short, contact persons are always available and problems are addressed and solved directly and without complications. As always, a corporate culture ultimately stands and falls with the employees. I find the helpfulness within Be Switzerland and the interaction between employees, regardless of their level, to be extremely positive and supportive.

What does a typical day look like for you at Be Switzerland?

The predominant task of a Managing Consultant is to be with the clients and to support them in their projects, either as a project manager, key topic leader or business analyst. However, there are also topics and tasks where a Be Switzerland employee supports Be Switzerland or participates in regular events or info meetings directly on site. Due to the “new normal” time period and the increasing digitalization sensitivity of clients, it is also possible to work partially from home, depending on the client. This benefits a good work-life balance.

Hobbies which I would like to share

In the past, I have spent almost every free minute on the motorcycle and have been able to discover the most beautiful corners of Europe. Even if I’m currently, due to family reasons no longer are so much on the road with the motorcycle, travel is one of my favorite hobbies.

Curiosity is not only my professional drive. That’s why I love to visit unusual destinations, which are not to be found on page 1 in a travel guide or at least make a stopover to get to know new cultures or to marvel at new landscapes and collect impressions.


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